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     In response to the uncertainty generated by the covid-19 pandemic, Kenosha artist Dale Mellor reached out to inspire her community to “Stand Strong” by installing a 6 foot daisy, embellished with spring-green leaves and words of hope, on the Kenosha North Pier Lighthouse. This was called 'The Daisy of Encouragement'

    “I was inspired to put up the only remaining daisy from my July 2019 Daisy Art Installation, with brand new leaves, as a symbol of Hope and Encouragement for Kenoshans to stand strong through this strange and difficult time. Working and standing together we can look forward to a new beginning and a brighter future. I believe that art has the power to touch the hearts and minds of my fellow man and by doing this installation I hope to do that and to help each of us to encourage one another.”

Lake Michigan winds had other ideas about this art installation  making the installation of a second daisy  necessary - 'Daisy of Resilience

 A few months later Kenosha need to Stand Strong and Resilient in the face of civil unrest and riots...

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