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Artist Statement    


I like billboards; especially those with only a few words, because you read them before you intend to.

My artwork is an interchange of thought with people: it involves them; they may interact with it; they can receive something from it. I convey truths, notions and beauty through the work of my hands. My ideas and concepts often come through spiritual inspiration. The media I use to express these ideas is chosen independently for each piece of work. I see colour as a life giving element in my work and therefore paint is one constant medium I use.
I am attracted to creating work for specific locations and spaces to invite interaction with the art-viewer to produce an individual experience.

My previous work includes a hand painted, selfie-friendly mural of water-like wings; a three-dimensional installation of daisies on a Lake Michigan lighthouse; live acrylic painting in a Pub and a 6-foot square interactive sculpture featuring chairs.

Having a background in stained glass craftsmanship, the execution of technique and attention to detail are important in my work. I endeavor to use any media l employ expertly to achieve maximum effect.

Artist Bio

Dale Mellor is a Kenosha Wisconsin based contemporary artist who uses many mediums to express her artistic concepts. Having once exclusively specialized in stained-glass craftsmanship, Dale has been drawn into the realm of visual art expression and to the use of diverse materials. Her work intends to document, visually, spiritual revelation and truth through various forms of art including sculpture, painting and site-specific installation. She is very passionate about and active in the art community of Kenosha.


Dale has created many notable works of art. She has designed, crafted, and installed stained-glass windows in churches, business, and private residences. This includes a 2012 educational stained-glass installation at Salem Grade School in Salem, WI.


In response to the uncertainty generated by the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Dale reached out to inspire her community to Stand Strong by once again installing a 6-foot daisy on the beloved North Pier Lighthouse, this time embellished with spring-green leaves and words of hope.


Dale's current body of work-in-progress is being composed as a visual reaction to the verities embraced by the Christian Church in the USA.


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