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Two things are significant to me in art— the presence of meaning and skill.

The artwork I create embodies my process of merging aesthetics with conceptualism. While conceptual art focuses mainly on "ideas and purpose "  my contemporary take embraces the notion of "works of art" to include design, craftsmanship, and beauty in my work.

I entice people to get personally involved with my art by applying strategic color, using symbolism, communicating unconventional points of view and morphing physical space or environment. I want people to go away having seen something unexpected, having experienced a new thought. I see my artwork as a medium to encourage others to consider different ideas while maintaining a consistent, positive through-line in my work.

Having a background in stained glass craftsmanship, the execution of technique, and attention to detail infuse my work. By not self-restricting materials and techniques, my voice is made clear.

Born from a visceral response to the overturning of Roe v Wade, my current body of work is a discourse regarding popular and deeply embraced teachings of the American Christian Church. Part of this work echoes traditional icon-making through stylized figures, detailed painting, gilding, and metalwork.


Pieces crafted in stained glass, painted glass, acrylic paintings, and three dimensions move the discourse out of my mind and in front of the public mind.

Artist Bio

Dale Mellor is a Kenosha Wisconsin based contemporary artist who uses many mediums to express her artistic concepts. Having once exclusively specialized in stained-glass craftsmanship, Dale has been drawn into the realm of visual art expression and to the use of diverse materials. Her work intends to document, visually, spiritual revelation and truth through various forms of art including sculpture, painting and site-specific installation. She is very passionate about and active in the art community of Kenosha.


Dale has created many notable works of art. She has designed, crafted, and installed stained-glass windows in churches, business, and private residences. This includes a 2012 educational stained-glass installation at Salem Grade School in Salem, WI.


In response to the uncertainty generated by the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Dale reached out to inspire her community to Stand Strong by once again installing a 6-foot daisy on the beloved North Pier Lighthouse, this time embellished with spring-green leaves and words of hope.


Dale's current body of work-in-progress is being composed as a visual reaction to the verities embraced by the Christian Church in the USA.


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