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Dale Mellor - Contemporary Artist 

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Dale Mellor is the owner and visionary behind River Valley Studios. She is a classically trained hot glass and stained glass artist who worked professionally as a stained glass designer and craftsmen for many years. These days she is embracing her love of multiple art mediums and the title of "Contemporary Artist". She strongly believes in creating works of art that resonate with others and help connect them to each other. As a Christian, she strives to glorify the Lord in all of her art endeavors. She is also very passionate about the art community in Kenosha, WI where her studio is located. 

In her long career, Dale has created many notable works of art. She has designed, crafted, and installed stained glass windows in churches, business, and private residences. This includes an educational stained glass instillation at Salem Grade School in Salem, WI. Additionally, her work in fine art, sculptural art, experiential art, and jewelry has been frequently displayed in local galleries. 


Recently, Dale has been experimenting in the realm of public art. In 2016, and again in 2017, she painted a number of murals of the North Pier Lighthouse in Kenosha. During the Fourth of July festivities in 2016, she spearheaded a public art drop of numerous small painted canvases meant for the public to take and enjoy. In 2019, she brainstormed and executed a publicly funded instillation of 17 large three-dimensional daisies on the North Pier Lighthouse.


Be on the look out for her next project! 

Bean - Contemporary Studio Cat

Bean is the studio cat and, more importantly, Purr Manager at

River Valley Studios. She is a very curious and outgoing individual who is embracing her full potential as team-Mellor support and materials taster.


Bean's studio duties include:

  • sleeping on the workbench  

  • assistance in the use of drawing utensils

  • paint water quality control

  • mental health support

  • bug removal 

The creative process at River Valley Studios truly wouldn't be the same without Bean; Dale is lucky to have her! 

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